“Five stars from the universe, The most SHINING name… SHINee”

(Note – SHINee Debut Stage Intro)


Hi Everyone! 🙂 James here, Tina has very kindly invited me to do a guest blog. This is the first blog I have ever written, so please bear with me, and I apologise if it doesn’t flow as well as other blogs!

I pondered for a while on how to start this… in fact it’s taken me 40 minutes to reach this point haha :o. It then hit me, y’all probably wondering “who the hell are you?” right? So, let’s get some key facts out the way, so you can get to know me better:

James | Male | 27 | UK |

All the groups I stan below (to name just a few):

⭐️ Monbebe (Monsta X)


⭐️ MyDay (Day6)

⭐️ Stay (Stray Kids)

However, first and above everything else, I am a Shawol, which moves me on to the topic I was asked to write about for you guys today, SHINee 😀

If you have made it this far then you may have noticed the date at the top, don’t panic, you haven’t travelled back in time, well not just yet 😉. 2008.05.25 is a special date within any Shawol’s life, it is of course the date on which five loveable boys burst onto the K-Pop scene with their much loved debut track ‘누난 너무 예뻐’ which literally translates to ‘Noona (Older Girl) Is So Pretty’, otherwise known by its English title ‘Replay’. So how about we take a look?

Wow. Right? What on earth were those outfits and haircuts all about? Well I can only assume that was the fashion back in 2008. Personally, when I look back at photos of myself from 2008, ooh cringy! Replay, the song that started it all, the song that introduced South Korea and the world to five cute, talented boys with an undeniable charm that’s difficult to put your finger on. When I first saw this MV I fell in love with its sweet loveable vibe and the chorus was stuck in my head for weeks. I was a new-born to the K-Pop world at the time (having only been exposed to Anime and J-Pop/ Rock through my partner at the time) but I was struck by one members visual and most importantly his obvious vocal talent, which I would not have expected to hear in a manufactured music industry. Any ideas which member?

Oh! That’s right! You may not know who the members are yet… my bad 😦 Let’s get to know them with a brief introduction:

1989.12.14 | 29 | Lee Jin-ki | Leader


No K-Pop group is complete without a Leader, and SHINee has to have one of the best leaders, well ever! Lee Jin-ki, otherwise known by his stage name ‘Onew’ joined SM as a trainee in 2006 aged just 16, training for 2 years before debuting at age 18. He loves his members dearly, and is supportive, playful and clumsy. Other than his activities as part of SHINee, Onew has had notable acting roles (Decendants of the Sun) and made his solo debut in 2018. He enlisted for mandatory military service on 2018.12.10.


1990.04.08 | Kim Jong-hyun | Main Vocalist


Kim Jong-hyun, simply known as Jonghyun, joined SM in 2005 aged just 15, training for 3 years before debuting at age 18. Jonghyun is protective of the other members. He is creative, caring and sensitive. Jonghyun contributed to the writing of a number of SHINee songs, as well as writing and composing for other artists including Lee-Hi, IU and EXO, gaining recognition for his artistic control within an industry known for limiting artists. In 2014, Jonghyun debuted as a radio host on the MBC Radio Programme ‘MBC Blue Night’, a show which he hosted until 2017 when he left due to his busy schedule. He made his solo debut in 2015 and is regarded as one of the best vocalists within the industry.

Ahh.. I’ve reached the point I know I need to cover (for those that may be new to SHINee, new to K-Pop, or those who may just not know) but also the part I would give anything to not have to write about…

2017.12.18 Sadly Jonghyun passed away and became the most beautiful shining star in the sky. He did well, he worked hard, he helped a lot of people, and he touched a lot of hearts. Our eternal member, 사랑해.

Jonghyun blog.gif


Well, I’ve blabbed on for quite a while now (if you are still reading, thank you) so I think it’s time to take a look at another song!

SHINee are not afraid to experiment with new styles and sounds when it comes to their music, and this next song is one amazing song (especially when performed live). From the imagery to the sound and the dancing, the whole performance just oozes power. Not quite sure who felt the need to give Taemin hair extensions though, although I was guilty of long hair and extensions when I was 18 :o. This is ‘Sherlock (Clue + Note) which is a hybrid remix of 2 songs and was the lead single to their 4th EP ‘Sherlock’ released 2012.03.21.


1991.09.23 | 27 | Kim Ki-bum | Lead Rapper/ Vocals


Kim Ki-bum, known simply by his stage name, Key joined SM in 2005 aged 14. He trained for 3 years before debuting at age 17. He has a keen interest in fashion, helping design many of the outfits for their concert tours. He is a member of the duo ‘ToHeart’ along with INFINITE’s Woohyun and made his solo debut in 2018. Key has had notable acting roles (Guardians) and has also starred in a number of musical theatre productions. He enlisted for mandatory military service on 2019.03.04.


1991.12.09 | 27 | Choi Min-ho | Main Rapper/ Vocals


Choi Min-ho, known simply by his stage name, Minho joined SM in 2006 aged 15, training for 2 years before debuting at age 17. Minho was originally cast on the street before auditioning because of his cool and charming smile. Minho enjoys sports and enjoys sports, and has a strong ‘never give up’ motto which he applies across his life. SHINee members have also described Minho as having a ‘reversible’ personality, appearing cool and mature on stage, but returning to his kid-like personality off stage. Minho is especially loved by his seniors. Like with other members, Minho has had notable acting roles (Hwarang, To the Beautiful You). He enlisted for mandatory military service 2019.04.15.

1993.07.18 | 26 | Lee Tae-min | Maknae/ Lead Dancer/ Vocals


Lee Tae-min, known simply as Taemin joined SM in 2005 training for 3 years before debuting aged just 14. Taemin discovered dancing when he was in 6thgrade and is considered as the best dancer within SHINee and many idols look up to him for his dancing skills. During his trainee days, he was not very good at singing, however he constantly worked hard to improve his singing skills, with the help of his hyungs. Taemin is a playful, yet shy member of the group and likes to play tricks. He made his solo debut in 2014 as well as acting in the 2017 Japanese drama ‘Final Life: Even if You Disappear Tomorrow’. Taemin is currently the only active member of SHINee with his hyungs all carrying out mandatory military service. SM recently announced that Taemin will form part of the line-up for new group ‘Super M’ which features idols from a number of SM groups. (You can read more about Super M here, including the reason why the group was created).


So now you hopefully know a bit about the 5 amazingly talented people that make up SHINee. I have been a Shawol for many years now, and Tina asked me to write this blog to give you an introduction to the boys, and also write about why I love them, easy right?

Well, I’ve introduced you to the members, so I’m doing quite well with my scope so far I think haha, and of course you will be introduced to a lot more stunning SHINee content as we explore further. For now, though, lets have a listen to one of my many favourite tracks ‘Kimi Ga Iru Sekai (君がいる世界)’ also known in English as ‘The World Where You Exist’ from their 2013 Japanese album ‘Boy Meets U’.

I’ll be honest, trying to find the words to explain why I love SHINee is difficult, listening to them or watching them invokes so many feelings inside of me that I don’t know where to start, or which words to use… Comfort and security are the overwhelming feelings I get when listening to them. I feel relaxed and at ease, and anything I may have been worrying about, or any sad feelings I may have been feeling disappear and I feel content and safe. I originally discovered SHINee at a time in my life when I was happy, and I had my whole life planned out. I was happy in my relationship; I was happy in my job. I was happy, and I enjoyed spending my spare time discovering more about this new found interest in my life. Even though I was happy, I still always felt the most at ease whilst listening to SHINee, and in particular one voice and presence…

The above video was taken from the DVD for their ‘SHINee WORLD 2013 ~ Boy Meets U’ Japan Arena Tour and was filmed 2013.12.24. Thinking back, Kimi Ga Iru Sekai was a song I liked, but it was never really up there amongst my favourite songs until I saw this performance. Obviously, SHINee release great music, but its when they perform live do they really expose their true talent. These 5 men each with their own individual personalities, strengths and weaknesses, along with a stage, and most importantly a microphone turn into a force to reckoned with. On stage they all come to life, and even sat at home watching through a screen, the audience can feel their passion, emotion and determination. During their time they were considered to have the best live vocals in the industry, a statement which to me, is still true even now, with each of them having their own distinct tone.

“Since the day we met, I have been in love with you”


“Even if more than a thousand years pass, you’ll still have all my love”


“This world becomes pleasant every time you smile”

The lyrics behind the song (above translation credit to azlyrics.com) begin to describe some of my feelings as a Shawol. Since I was first exposed to SHINee I have loved them, and all these years later I still do and I don’t anticipate that love diminishing any time soon 💛


Like I mentioned above SHINee come to life when they are on stage, so I would love to share a couple of their other performances! The first one we will watch is an iconic and well known performance within the K-Pop community: ‘Excuse Me Miss’ from their SHINee World IV concert which was filmed in Seoul in 2015.

From their vocals, dancing and interactions with each other, to the iconic “it’s a new bridge”, this performance is life, and I think it encapsulates SHINee perfectly. During the whole concert their vocals were on point and the dancing as powerful as ever, with each movement beautifully executed and in sync. Throughout this particular performance however, their interaction with each other and the crowd allows their bond to shine through perfectly, while showing how much SHINee love performing on stage becoming one with their fans. Oh! And let’s not forget those little bum wiggles!!


The final live performance I would like to introduce you to for this blog is a performance which is taken from their 2016 SHINee World V in Seoul. There is no denying that each member of SHINee is talented, however I feel there are two members whose vocal strength is head and shoulders above the rest, those being Onew and Jonghyun. The below performance showcases each of their vocals.

The vocal strength is unreal, with the gorgeous tone of their voices remaining present throughout, they both demonstrate the ability to control their voices, reigning in to softer vocals when required.


SHINee will always hold a special place within my heart. They were my first K-Pop discovery, and have maintained their top spot for me no matter how many new groups I discover. They have been in my life when I’m happy, they have helped me through my darkest days; their music comforts me. It goes without saying that SHINee has suffered a very difficult time recently, but they came out the other side and have shown their perseverance to keep going through the sad times, come together through the worst times and show their true strength and bond as brothers.

When SHINee debuted they were 5 young boys, who had this fresh, innocent charm about them. Its this charm, the charm which they have never lost, no matter how famous they became, that attracted me to SHINee and probably still attracts new Shawol’s today. They always remain humble and thankful, they are there for the fans, and they remain there for each other. Although they grew up and matured in front of our eyes, they never forgot who they were or where they came from. Many people can relate to to them and I hope people continue to support in the future, because these boys deserve it!


This was just a short introduction to my favourite group, I hope you have enjoyed reading it, as much as I have writing it.

Please let me know if you enjoyed the videos and performances. Which ones stood out for you?

I truly hope you have caught a glimpse of even a fraction of how much I love SHINee.

Personally, I don’t think I have successfully managed to tell you why I love SHINee so much, but to be honest, no matter how hard I think, I struggle to put my finger on the one thing that makes them stand out.

Oh! Remember I asked if you could guess who my bias was? Well… have you managed to guess? My SHINee bias, and indeed my ultimate bias has, is and always will be Jonghyun. I won’t write about the specifics of that just now, as hopefully Tina will ask me to do another guest blog on that subject, but I hope you will agree that he was one of the most talented, kindest, innocent and selfless stars to grace our lives.

jonghyun 2.gif

Well, I think that just about wraps up my first blog. I won’t lie, its been a lot harder to write than I imagined. Writing has never been one of my stronger suits, especially if that writing has to include my personal opinions, views and thoughts on things, but I am happy I gave it a go, and I just hope you enjoy reading it J. I will leave you with one final song to listen too, the upbeat and retro-sounding ‘1 of 1’.


Thank You!

Love, James

Music Video Monday

This week for music video Monday, I have chosen two new videos out this week and two Halloween specials.

TXT – Blue Hour official music video

An eagerly awaited comeback from TXT primarily aimed at a younger audience, my daughter is a massive fan and although I am not the target audience, the music itself is a lot of the time time, really good. I enjoy the happy, cheery playfulness of TXT. I only really listen and watch because of my girl, but there are some songs on my playlist because they have and a few really good tunes. The are a very talented set of boys, and they are offering a positive message for the young generation which is lovely to see.

Blue Hour is one of those songs that I actually really enjoy to listen to and the dancing in the video is on point, I could find myself becoming of fan of TXT if they keep this up. The video is bright and bold, taking us on a journey at sunset through bright fields and exciting fair ground rides. The cowboy hat wearing Yeonjun is a highlight. Joined by some animated squirrel friends, makes the video a little bit sweet and cute and a little bit weird, but I like it. We like to celebrate weird in this house.

I love how big hit likes it haw meaning and stories flowing their songs and music videos and TXT is following this tried and tested performance, so I want on a hunt t read up on what the meaning of the video could be and found a good article in teen vogue “In it, the members sing about a magic hour, where dreams seem reachable despite the hardships that may surround us. It’s about looking at the sky and marveling at its beauty, but also feeling a sense of isolation and unfamiliarity. We wish for this beautiful sunset to last forever and that regardless of any thoughts of solitude, we will continue to feel the same as one another.”

I think in the current situation, having upbeat music to listen to, talk about and draw inspiration from is so important. For our house, music means a lot to us, it gets us up in the morning and ready for the day, it excites and inspires us, is there for us when we feel sad and is a constant presence, whether it be English, Korean, Spanish or any other language. Music is something beyond language barriers and I think kpop groups that are trying to give something more in their music is one of the reasons we are loving kpop this year. We all need something to look forward to and cheer us up a bit.

Twice – I can’t stop me

The latest music video from Twice is a visually stunning beautiful piece of art. Filled to the brim with colour and everything matches perfectly and flows so nicely, honestly I really love this music video. I only really got into twice because of my daughter again, she wanted to listen to some girl kpop groups so we did a bit of googling. She fell in love with Twice, and I followed soon after.

The song is a bop, I know sometimes Twices song can be a bubblegum pop, which I actually love, but this song is more than that. I find myself singing and dancing along to it more than I should. 🙈

Beautiful and talented, my girl loves to copy the dances and she will have fun with this one I think, and I am happy for her to try.

Both very different music videos but equally exciting and fun to watch. I haven’t had chance to check out either whole album yet, but they will be added to our school run playlist shortly. What did you think of the new videos? Are you excited to see what they do next?

Onewe – Parting (Halloween version)

I love a Halloween performance, and Kanghyun doing anything will impress me really but all dressed up in spooky, sexy costumes and doing his thing, even better.

I liked the original music video for this but the Halloween version is just a little bit special.

I love a scary, sexy, seductive music video as much as I love alliteration 😍 if you haven’t ever checked out onewe, now is your chance. I do love an idol group with dancers and what not, but I’m an old skool alternative girl at heart so a band playing live instruments gives me goosebumps.

Ateez – Black Cat Nero (Halloween performance video)

As I mentioned I love a Halloween performance, and again this is true for ateez. I just love the performance, the sexy dark side and who doesn’t have fun getting dressed up into something new and different and performing? The song itself, well, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I feel like I need to re-watch this video a few more times to get a feel for it, I also just really want to watch the video a few more times. 😏

Yeosang drinking from a goblet, who knew I needed that in my life? Apparently I do, and I need it in slow motion and on repeat 🙈😂

Hope you all had a lovely Halloween. Thanks for sticking with me, I know I haven’t been around for a while. Lockdown and working and kids really got me at my limit but I intend to try to stick to a better schedule going forward. Hopefully I can help keep you entertained this lockdown.

Let me know if there are any music videos you want me to watch and give my opinion on, or just comment and say hi! I really just want to connect with all of you kpop/ celebrating my weird people !

💜💜💜 borahae !

Hasn’t 2020 been fun…

Hi guys!

Long time no see! I took a short break for the last few weeks of the summer holidays and the first few weeks of school to spend some time with my kids and get prepared.

I did spend lots of time with the kids it was amazing… I will need a lifetime to prepare. I am just not a prepared, scheduled, routine kind of person 🙈🤣 But anyway, the kids are back in school and I am happy to be getting back into a bit of a routine.

I am hoping to get started back with Music Video Monday, Free from Drama Fridays and a few other blog posts I have in my head! I am still sort of on holiday time so bear with me whilst I get back into what we class out organised chaos routines. I hope you stick with me as I continue on my journey into sharing my weird and discovering new things i love!

We had a few exciting adventures i am going to be sharing here and over my sister blog butterfly child! As it kind of crosses over between family fun and kpop related… heres a sneaky peak and what we got up to…

I cannot wait to discuss latest music videos, comebacks, events and what the future holds for concerts with you all!

Borahae! 💜💜💜💜

Music Video Monday Madness

This week is a special week for music video Monday! I am not going to pick one music video and go into detail on it. I am going to share a few of my favourites with a quick summary of why I love it. This isn’t a countdown of my favourite songs, or Ben my favourite music videos although some of these are my favourites. They are just ten of my long list of favourites that I’d quite like to share with you.😍

I hope you enjoy my rundown of some of my favourite videos, and comment below if you enjoyed them, didn’t enjoy them, if they’d re one of your faves or if I helped you discover a new kpop group. I’d love to hear from you. Anyway, welcome to Music Video Monday Madness!

10. Twice – Fancy

I don’t usually like videos where there is so much going on because it distracts from the music and enjoying it. But I quite like Twices bubblegum, excitable energy pop music, and the videos just reflect their very own style. So I really quite like this one.

9. Monsters X – Hero

A rooftop. Monsta X dancing. I am not sure I need to say more.

8. Baek Hyun – Candy

I’ve got to be honest, this video is not one of my favourites. But Baekhyun is so pretty and I like the dance. It’s bright and colourful and has Baekhyun looking stunning, that is enough for me.

7. Day6 – Zombie

I really, really enjoy this song. So really the video could be terrible and I would still watch it because I love the song. But as it turns out, it has pretty much everything I love about a music video. I love when music videos have visuals to go along with the song alongside seeing our favourites play their instruments. So this video is just perfect for me.

6. Ateez – Wave

Hands up – who doesn’t want to see a beautiful crystal blue/green sea, sand and palm trees and the beauty that is Ateez dancing and having fun? If he hand is down, you can leave. 😂 I am joking (sort of 😏) but seriously, it’s a really fun, beautiful video and I love the song!

5. GOT7 – A

Yes I know, it’s cheesy as anything and sometimes you want to hide behind your hands, but I love the quirky, cheeky, cheesiness in this video. Plus look how young they all are. Such cutie pies! ☺️

4. Onewe – Regulus

I obviously have a thing for men on rooftops. 🤷🏼‍♀️what can I say? I know earlier I said when there is a visual storyline alongside the playing. But in this video, the simplicity of the members playing their instruments, and the vocals and everything. I just really love this music video. Also, close ups of Kanghyun playing his guitar. That is all. 😏🤭

3. BTS – Intro: Persona

Without a doubt, one of my favourite songs. Namjoon just doing his thing. Raw, talent and passionate. Namjoon is a prodigy in many things, his genius is reflected in Persona and really shows his growth as an artist. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us. Not sure I can add anything else. I really, really like Persona.

2. BTS – Interlude: Shadow

Firstly, Yoongi starting of this song in English was unexpected and surprisingly amazing. The video, the lyrics, the music, all of it just comes together so well. Plus my daughters reaction to this video was priceless. She is Yoongi biased so it wasn’t surprising she loved it, but she was just staring, almost holding her breath for the whole thing and for a good minute after, and then she demanded I play it again. 😂 Yoongi is a talented rapper and songwriter and it shows here. Shadow is amazing on many levels as with everything BTS does, it has many, many layers.

1. BTS – Outro: Ego

I know I am biased – literally Hobi is my bias! Technically I am a sope girl as witnessed by my number 1 & 2 choices here 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 but who am I kidding, Hobi just slightly makes my heart melt that little bit more – but Ego is an amazing video and song. It’s bubbly, energetic, happy and a proper call to action song. I just can’t help but jump out of my seat and start dancing as soon as I hear that beginning. Plus, listening to Hobi singing and rapping is one of my all time favourites past times. 😍😍 The video is so bright and happy, how could you not enjoy it.

Yes, the BTS rapline headed this weeks music video Monday but it s because I really, really liked all three songs by the rapper on Map of the Soul:7. I couldn’t mention one and not the other three. They are up there as some of my favourites, although not my all time favourites. I will get to them one day. I really hope you liked my top ten random video Monday madness. Do you have any recommendations? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Music Video Monday – BTS Intro:Serendipity

Welcome to this weeks music video Monday! I have to talk about this video as it is one of my favourites. I cannot really out into words how it makes me feel, from the beautiful imagery, the Jimins silky smooth vocals, everything about it is just pure heaven.

“The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.” How beautiful is this description for the word serendipity before you even get into the visually stunning video or soulful and beautiful vocals?

Destiny is the idea that people’s lives are predetermined to go a certain way. This song has used the contrasting views throughout of both serendipity and destiny but is reflected in the most beautiful way.

Throughout the song, references are made to moments of real life serendipity. A Calico cat is mentioned in the lyrics and Jimin is seen holding one. A calico is a very rare trait in a male cat, bearing true-colours and is super rare, this video uses this to basically say Jimin is rare. A one of a kind. Which if you are a BTS fan or you know, breathing. You will know this anyway.

Another honourable mention is that of Penicillin, which was discovered by chance and yet is helpful and life changing, but in reality was a happy accident.

For me the song is about finding a true love, feeling worried about the trials and pain that can go with love but accepting it and going forward anyway. Feeling like it was serendipity, a beautiful chance encounter that got them to where they are but not knowing if the universe could have made it their destiny. These ideas are scary but beautiful just like the love they feel.

Love can be something that brews and moulds and shapes over time and feels almost like destiny that got you there. Or it can appear out of nowhere like some kind of happy accident. A random sequence of events that got you to the point you have. And it doesn’t have to be romantic love and this is one of the best parts of this song. There is no defined gender or specifics to romantic love, soul mates, true loves, relationships, friendships all come in all different shapes and sizes and this song is just telling the beauty of this serendipitous destiny we all can feel. It’s beautiful and sweet but can be scary and painful sometimes but having faith and seeing love (friendships / relationships) whilst recognising this can lead you to be happier in those relationships.

Contrast between the world with the yellow, the balloon, the cat and the moon, stars and night.

Zooming into Jimins eye, we the audience get to see his world and his love and feelings, throughout the song we are seeing what everyone at some point might feel in their life. Jimin literally fall for his love at one point, (falling off the ledge with the stars behind him).

The feelings of love gets so big he doesn’t know if he can bear it (the yellow ball grows bigger in size and eventually he cannot reach it) but note the ball is still this beautiful share of yellow, symbolising happiness, the beautiful cactus that will be stunning when flowering but can still prick you with its thorns, effectively reminding us that love us beautiful but can still be painful. The video is visually one of the most stunning music videos I have ever seen, and all the little details put into it to bring in line with the musicality of the lyrics, is just beautiful.

Towards the end of the video, the screen is shaking as he was initially scared of this love, but eventually comes to accept his love and the universes role within it. All things end up calm at the end and Jimin looks happy.

I love the different scenes, and the contrast between everything. From Jimins initial world to the night where he falls for his love and eventually accepts it. Lots of yellow is used to represent happiness and acceptance. White for pure love and innocence, possibly a little bit of naivety alongside the touching of the cactus. Colours, themes, and objects are all used in this video to create this truly remarkable video.

The song is one of the most easy listening and beautiful songs I have ever heard. The melody is instantly recognisable and is truly beautiful, and the lyrics are a little cryptic and yet so simple at the same time. So many layers and everyone interprets them differently and that is what makes it special. Love is different to everyone and moments of serendipity can be different for everyone but we all still feel these and cherish them.

Jimins vocals are beyond beautiful, deliciously sweet and soulful. Even if you haven’t googled the lyrics, I would find it hard to believe anyone wouldn’t be moved especially by his iconic line “just let me love, let me love you.” Serendipity isn’t a typical love song for many reasons but it still leaves you with a feeling of love, beauty and adoration. It oozes sweet, sentimentalities of all things beautiful in the world and is a gentle reminder that many things happen for reasons that are out of your control, doesn’t have to mean they are scary, it may come with moments of pain or worry but sometimes they can be beautiful.

Serendipity holds true in a lot of ARMY’s hearts because it feels almost like Serendipity that we have found ourselves in this wonderful wonderland of kpop adventures. I once read that you find BTS when you need to find them. I have made some amazing friends, had some amazing experiences and as much as my life was amazing before, it is incredible now. Finding BTS has inspired me, given me new friends and confidence and continues to do everyday, so yes I agree…. all of this is no coincidence.

I have always loved art and craft but I haven’t shared much of what I do because I am a bit of a jack of all arts and crafts and master of none, and there are so many more talented people out there, that I felt like I wasn’t worthy enough to share my work. However, this video inspired me so much, I had to make something out of it, and my new friends gave me the confidence to share it. And not only that, but I’ve also put some of my work on Redbubble. Check it out here:

Butterfly Child’s red bubble store

Music Video Monday – Versace on the Floor

*** EDITED***

So it appears my scheduled posts weren’t posting. Why you ask? Well obviously I decided I had had enough of 2020 and decided to schedule my posts for 2021. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Anyway, back on track… I know it’s not Monday but this was supposed to be shared last week, so this week you will be getting a two for one deal on music video madness!

Hello Everyone! How was your weekend?

So for this weeks music video madness, we are really pushing the boundaries…. we are venturing out of the kpop bubble. I love music, all music, although I am currently far, far into my kpop bubble so it will come back round to kpop before the end of this blog post trust me!

Onto the video, I love me some Bruno Mars (maybe not as much as my best friend but still a huge amount), and when my bestie introduced me to Versace on the Floor, well I was floored to be honest. It is one of my all time favourite songs ever, and the music video… wow, just wow!

Here see for yourself…

Not only does Bruno Mars shine like the super star he is, like always but Zendaya is stunningly beautiful! The whole video is bathed in sex appeal and is sleek, sassy, sexy and wonderful.

The song itself, might not be the most amazing storyline or carry a serious message but it is smoking hot and does what it says on the can. It is easy listening for snuggling up to your loved one and enjoying a romantic evening or getting right down to the hot and steamy. 😉

Now, onto the Kpop angle – lets go back to last year. I had fallen hard for BTS and enjoyed my BTS bubble. I knew of other kpop groups but I was keeping them at arms length. I didn’t think my heart or bank balance could afford any more kpop groups (my bank balance still feels the pressure but my heart is full to bursting with all my kpop loves, and still has room for more I think). Anywho, there I am, falling into a youtube spiral of music video mayhem (nothing has changed), and I stumble into a Bruno Mars shaped hole and think to myself “ooh, lets find versace on the floor”, and what do I stumble across but Monsta X – a kpop group I had heard of and enjoyed their music but I hadn’t looked too closely before – cover of Versace on the Floor. I think it might have been love at first sight, the vocals, the rap, the dancing…. the leather trousers had no bearing on my new found love whatsoever.

It soon became apparent, that I love music and Kpop is no exception. BTS will always be my ultimate group, as they are just so special to me but I love discovering new groups to love and follow. And yes, I soon stumbled more into the Monsta X world and for a while I was triple biased but soon Kihyun just overtook. His vocal range and beautiful face, just how could you not fall in love?

Are you a monbebe? Who is your bias? what’s your favourite music video? How did you stumble into the monsta x or kpop hole? Tell me your story.

I am currently still in love with the whole English album All about Luv! The songs speak to me as they are somewhat naughty and I just love that. I didn’t think I would love an all English album as the point of liking kpop is the Korean but its turns out Monsta X are just amazing! I listen to most of the songs daily, and I still love them which for me is a clear sign, that the group, the album and songs are winners.


Music Video Monday – GOT7 Just Right

*** EDITED***

So it appears my scheduled posts weren’t posting. Why you ask? Well obviously I decided I had had enough of 2020 and decided to schedule my posts for 2021. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Anyway, back on track… I know it’s not Monday but this was supposed to be shared last week, so this week you will be getting a two for one deal on music video madness!

Hi Guys!

Welcome back to Music Video Monday! Today I would like to introduce you to to another of my favourite Kpop groups… GOT7. Seven member kph group consisting of Im Jaebum (JB), Markeu (Mark), Jackson, Park Jinyoung, Choi Youngjae, Bambam and Kim Yugyeom.

One of the very first songs I discovered by GOT7 is the main feature today – JUST RIGHT. It is still one of my all time favourite songs and video, but I want to make special mention a couple of other videos, I may come back to later but I really enjoy these videos and wanted to point them out just in case.

Not by the Moon“니가 부르는 나의 이름(You Calling My Name)” and You Are, are some really amazing videos (my list could go on but I will save that for another day and another blog post.)

Anyway, on to the really MVP of this blog post:

Bright, bold and colourful and oh so catchy. What isn’t there to love about this fun but inspiring music video?

All the boys look like they are having fun and enjoying themselves and the video is aesthetically pleasing, but the message in the song is the best part and watching it before you understand the meaning is fun and exciting, watching afterwards is still fun and exciting but also inspiring and beautiful.

“Mirror, mirror please tell her
Scale, please tell her too
That she doesn’t need to change anything
That she’s pretty and perfect just as she is right now
Just be happy, don’t worry”

A young girl starts of in the music video looking quite sad and feeling down about her appearance, but before she starts to feel too sad, seven wonderful and lovely men appear to tell her not too judge herself too harshly and to love herself and try to see her from the eyes of other people who love her just the way she is.

The catchy, bright and wonderful music video has everything a bright bubbly person could want from a song. Its easy to sing alone with, the video is so bright, I feel like sometimes I need sunglasses to watch and it is super inspirational. As soon as I hear it, me and the kids all jump up and are dancing away. I dare any one to see and hear this and not want to join in… it it infectious in its simplicity and beauty.

Got7 Just Right GIF - Got7 JustRight Dance - Discover & Share GIFs

I love to watch GOT7 goofing around together as much as I love to see their more mature and sexy side. Just Right appeals to me because I am a little bit crazy, a little bit weird, and a whole lot of excitable energy, but mostly I love that it is a fun, chaotic song about loving yourself just as you are, and I couldn’t ask for more out of a song really.

Drama Free Fridays – The Guardians

I don’t want no drama … unless its of the Asian Drama TV show variety. 😁

I watched this drama a while ago but in my quest to introduce dramas to my mum, I have been rewatching some old favourites to pull her in. (It worked – she’s fully in! 😊)

So, this weeks review is The Guardians. I am not a huge fan of spoilers so my reviews are not of the usual type. I just like to give a brief overview, explain why I loved it without spoilers and hope that you are excited enough to check it out for yourself and give it a go. Opinions should be formed on your own without influence from others. Ill happily lead you down the wonderful path of Kdrama and point you to some of my faves but we are all different and like different things for a good reason. The world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things. Never be scared to disagree with me and to point me the direction of your favorites. I am happy to watch and take recommendations from everyone.

Key from SHINee

When I fell down the Kpop hole, one of the first groups I went looking for was SHINee because I had seen Minho in a couple of dramas so I was aware of them even though i had avoided kpop for a long time (thank you BTS for dragging me into this beautiful wonderland). Anyway, not gonna lie the main reason I started this drama was Key. He is one if my SHINee biases and I couldnt pass on seeing him act and when I saw his beautiful crimped hair it was a yes from me. I didn’t much care if the storyline turned out rubbish 🤦‍♀️😃

Look at the cuteness overload 😍

Turns out I really enjoyed the storyline and all the characters and I even discovered some more drama biases.

In England, this Kdrama is called The Guardians but over in Korea it is Lookout. An exciting detective/vigilante thriller with lovelable and kickass characters really bring this story to life.

The main plot focuses on young mum and detective Jo Soo Ji. Initially a successful but struggling detective, disaster strikes and she finds herself on the run joining up with a band of vigilante heroes taking on the injustices of the world whilst trying to seek justice for herself, her family and her new little family made up of a young computer hacker and a young girl suffering from something similar to agoraphobia.

Jo Soo Ji leads the way as an amazing, interesting and badass female lead. I think I fell in love with her a little bit. She suffered a fair amount in a short period of time but was still quite upbeat and carried on seeking justice and trying to do the right thing. She had moments where she struggled as would anyone in her situation but on the whole she is an amazing real life hero.


Jang Do Han, well where do I even start with him. Is he an anti-hero? A villain? A stuck up phony bordering the fence do you never quite know where his loyalties lie or all of the above? And does any of this matter and we love him still regardless. Answer for me is yes!!!

Every single character in this made me fall in love with them but the two main leads and the other members of the vigilante team made this series what it was. The storyline itself was intriguing and kept me watching and guessing and hiding and laughing. It is everything I want in the drama, but it is the characters themselves that really make the drama. And when you discover the villain of the series, even they are incredible. Crazy and creepy and made me hide behind my hands and the pure villainous heart they must have but still oh so watchable. I cannot rave about this programme enough!

Not only are the characters individually so interesting and portrayed so well. The relationships between the leads, the secondary characters and even the extras are all amazing. I could talk for hours on this but I won’t because I really think it is something you should witness for yourself.

The interaction between these two, although somewhat tense on occasion is sometimes funny, sometimes endearing but always edge of your seat stuff. Do you they tolerate each other? Is there some honest feeling hidden beneath the surface. What are their true feelings? For a thriller with a twisted plot, the interactions between these two left me feeling dizzy, happy and sometimes frustrated.

What started out as a relationship similar to that of siblings, as they argued and name called each other. Picking out and belittling each others quirks and issues but with a loving, friendly vibe soon grew into something more. The budding friendship is often hindered by the fact no one quite knows what Seo Bo Mi looks out or where she is or her history or anything. Whilst Kyung Soo is quite open and honest about his life and he helps in a more physical way. He is still quite guarded and you can feel his sadness even though he tries to stay bright and upbeat which completely contradicts Bo Mis negative and somewhat dry sense of the world, but somehow it works and there interactions are some of the most beautiful and endearing parts of the show.

Overall, the action packed thriller taking on political injustices every day at the same time as seeking justice for themselves, these everyday heros soon became some of my favourite characters and I couldn’t wait to introduce them to my mum and I would recommend to anyone else I know to give it a watch. I would happily watch it again, in fact I might. 😊

10/10 and would highly recommend. 👌

Music Video Monday – DNA by BTS.

Hi Guys!!! So I really wanted to get back to writing but I always have so much going on and I am a winging it kind of girl in the most part which is fine for our exiting and chaotic life but it does mean I don’t blog as much as I would like … so for my blog I’ve decided I need to set some posts that I will try to post every week.

This works for my studying too. I am learning Korean and at first I was winging that too, but I wasn’t getting very far and I was getting frustrated. So I set myself the task of studying for 4-5 hours between Thursday and Sunday which gives me enough leeway for us to still do all the fun stuff we want to do but I also feel like I’ve done enough studying that I have achieved something.

My plan is to do something similar with my blog. So for Mondays, I am going to discuss a music video my choice, although I am happy to take suggestions and watch some new ones I have never seen before. (This will work well with my children’s target – they would like to start doing reaction videos to kpop music videos too – so figured we could work together to motivate each other. Plus we all love a kpop video)

So for now – welcome to Music Video Monday!

The first video I am going to share with you, is the first video that I saw and it really made me take notice.

Just in case you are new to my blog- I knew who BTS was in October 2018, but it took me a little bit to really take notice. By December 2018, I was already falling down the hole and was on my journey – but I had only seen live videos of them at this point. I saw them perform idol on Graham Norton back in October, but I didn’t truly fall until I rewatched the episode and saw the whole interview with the members in December. I added Idol, Mic Drop and No More Dream to my Spotify playlist and that was that. And then I watched my first music video (discussed below) and after that I just had to know who they were. So I Googled them and you all know the rest of the story as I bet it is very similar to yours… and the rest they say is history.

My first music video I chose was BTS – DNA!

I think DNA is a really good first video for me, as its bright and exciting. The visuals are stunning, the tune is catchy and it just screams TINA look at us! Or at least I think it did. 😆

This was before I had a proper bias (although it was brewing and leading me to Jhope) as I couldn’t keep my eyes off him and you know that is the key when your biases choose you.

Look at him… of course he was going to be my bias. He is literal sunshine 🥰

I had heard idol, no more dream and mic drop at this point. So when I went seeking out BTS on YouTube, I didn’t want a song I had already heard. So back in Decemebr 2018… I sought out a BTS song I hadn’t heard yet and just picked one from the thumbnail basically. Back then the BTS channel looked a little different to now, and DNA stood out so in I went….

So, first the music… DNA is a really upbeat and exciting track. Released back in 2017 for love yourself:her and also featuring on Love Yourself: Answer and as of the 1st of June 2020, it has received over 1 billion views. In 2018, Billboard ranked it 49 on the 100 greatest boy band songs of all time.

It has a hip hop vibe but is more than that, it kicks off with a whistle as the members dance in time and it almost has an EDM /hip hop vibe. I now believe you cannot place BTS songs easily in genres. They span so many genres and are much more than just a boy band.

When I first some of the dancing to DNA I was stunned and in awe, and I journeyed further into the wonderful world of Kpop it just keeps getting better and better. But nothing will quite be the same as when I go back and watch BTS videos. The dancing, the choreography, the timings and watching the members dance so in sync still excites me as much as it did on that very first watch.

What was your first Kpop music video? What do you think to DNA?

If you are ARMY, leave me a comment. What was your first bts music video?

Not a kpop stan. What did you think to DNA? Its bright right? And exciting?

See you next week!

BC 💜☀️

Whilst I’ve got your attention, a little bit of a humble brag and advertisement for my friend Beth over at art / pins by kierans mother. Just dropped her first pin design… check it out! Agust D2 Daechwita in red enamel pin 🥰🥰💜

Lockdown fun times!

Yes, I have copied my own blog post over from my Butterfly child blog, but it covers both family fun times and my journey into kpop so I figured it was ok to cross post. ☺️

Hi Guys! Lockdown has been a bit tough on the Butterfly family. Well, me actually… 😂 The kids have been amazing, they have taken it all in their stride and have been doing so well with school work, playing nicely together and staying active with Jo Wicks every day.

I, on the other hand, have struggled a little bit, and it’s ok to admit that. I am absolutely fine, and overall we have all done amazing well in this weird situation we found our selves in, but juggling work/homeschooling/life has been tricky and I miss people more than anything. I am lucky I live with my husband and my mum so I do have conversations and people around me, but I am a true extrovert and love the hustle and bustle of groups of people, and busy shops and mostly going out and gaining energy by meeting new people and visiting new places.

Dinosaur world at Torbay (2018)

For us as a family, we love to go out exploring, visiting places, exploring our little part of the world, and further afield when we can. So being restricted to home and the odd dog walks, has been the saddest part for us. I am happy to do it though, as I want my whole family and the rest of the world to be safe and happy but we did still miss adventures.

But rather than be super sad, instead we bought the adventures home and started planning what we might do when we feel safe to start venturing out into the world in this new “normal”.

You know we all love a trip to London. In fact, it’s almost our second home. London is one of my favourite places in the world.

We had planned to go to London in June to celebrate BTS festa and debut weekend, obviously this didn’t happen so we decorated our house and bought London to us. It was a super fun and exciting weekend, spend playing games, listening to music and eating yummy foods.

We did take a really quick to Bournemouth to buy a bubble tea, as it is one of my favourites drinks ever and we had really missed bubble tea. Bournemouth has been hectic and crazy busy so we went on a weekday rather than the weekend to avoid the crowds. We nipped to the bubble tea shop and returned home, but it was oh so worth it.

Over the weekend, we had BTS quizzes, games, our own run BTS style fun times, we had our own birthday cafe event with a BTS purple themed “purple you” mocktail and free gifts designed and made by my wonderful friend Dot’s daughter.

And at the end of the weekend , we even had a “visit” to a kpop store where the kids could choose their (pre-chosen) album I had treated them too. Me and mum had treated ourselves to the 5th muster magic shop and that also arrived in time! 💜💜💜

The weekend ended with a very exciting BTS concert live in our living room, in the form of Bangbang con which we enjoyed with our friends. The whole weekend was amazing! The children had a wonderful time, I had a brilliant time and the whole time spent together as a family being silly and doing fun things was wonderful. It still did make me miss our real adventures but the whole thing was just awesome!

What did you guys do to celebrate BTS weekend? Anything exciting or interesting to share? Let me know in the comments, I’d love or hear what you guys have been doing or buying.

See you soon,

Butterfly child xxx☀️💜

GOT7 Keep Spinning Tour

I know, I know I have been a little MIA lately and I have so much I need to catch up on. I promise I am slowly writing it all down. It has been a hectic, fun filled year with some crazy ups and downs in my personal life, on my Kpop journey and now the world is on some crazy roller coaster situation and before I knew it months and months have passed. BUT I really do want to keep writing and sharing my journey with you, I promise I will crack on so just bear with me.

In the meantime, lets go back to October 2019 for my second Kpop concert at SSE arena, Wembley and a fun weekend with friends.


All ready for the concert – T-shirt made by Sunny J’s

The journey to get to London for the GOT7 concert was almost as exciting as the actual weekend. I decided I would give the coach a chance and woke up early on Friday to get the first coach to London. It was running late but I had all day so all was well…

A bird flying into the windscreen and shattering it, had other ideas though and my day suddenly got a whole lot crazier. Rather than worry or sad though, I did was I am good at, I helped calm folk down, made a few friends and I helped the poor lad working on the bus to make some teas and coffees whilst we waited for a replacement coach.

After a much longer journey that originally planned, I finally made it to Wembley and went to meet my friends in the hotel bar, where I hoped they were still waiting for me with a pint. I found one friend waiting to check in and wandered to the bar, no one, the place was empty. We had the wrong premier inn, a swift 15 minute walk and hurrah, the right hotel and my cold cider waiting for me.


GOT7 Keep Spinning Tour, SSE Arena Wembley

I have only been a GOT7 stan since about February and for the first few months my bias was Jackson, but slowly and surely JB just appeared out of nowhere and I have really looked at any of the others in the same way since. Don’t get me wrong they are all talented, beautiful men but JB just has a special place in my heart. So apologies if my photos are very JB heavy.

The concert was epic, I had a slight (read major attack of bad decision making which caused one the biggest regrets of 2019) moment when my over £50 lightstick didn’t work properly, (spoiler alert – no ones worked properly, but I didn’t know that) so I slipped out to talk to the sellers, at the complete wrong moment when JB performed his Solo Ride, danced blindfolded and then gagged himself in the most sexy and provocative way I have ever seen (after the fact on a video my friend sent me). One of my biggest regrets of 2019 will forever be 1) buying the lightstick as much as I love it, was a bit of waste of money and 2) missing JB’s solo! Sad times!

Anyway, the concert was awesome, the seats amazing and the whole vibe was just immense. Different to BTS but still good. I really enjoyed it and I hope they come back again. Enjoy my photos and videos.

The best part of the weekend for me was undoubtably seeing these talented men perform but almost in line with this was spending time with friends I have made. I cannot explain how amazing it is finding and making new friends who have so much in common with me, want to spend time with me and spent the whole weekend with me having a laugh. It is beautiful!

Actually, I take back all of that, the best part was definitely the food at Olles. Screw it, the whole weekend was awesome! Not only did I get to spend time with my amazing friends, see GOT7 in concert and eat some amazing food. I also fit in some ‘Namjooning’ whilst the others had a lie in!

After a long, tiring but amazing weekend, I returned home to the kids with a lighter purse and heavier bags, but a massive smile on my face, which I needed as the next few months of my life turned out to be pretty stressful, but that is another story for another day.

I hope you enjoyed my very delayed, but picture filled blog post.